Ensuring Fire Extinguishers Are Working Properly

The best way to prevent the loss or damage of your home and its contents from fire is to keep fire extinguishers readily available. Proper maintenance and use of fire extinguishers are also vital to their use in the event of a fire. The proper maintenance process, however, is especially important because extinguishers should be routinely inspected to ensure they are working properly and available for use. Some areas require yearly inspections while other areas allow for quarterly or semi-annual inspections. Having an area where the Fire extinguishers houston is readily accessible will help ensure that it is used in the event of a fire.

Choosing a Fire Protection Company

When choosing a Houston fire protection company for the inspection process, there are a few things to consider. First, the technician should inspect the extinguisher itself. It should be checked to ensure it is clear and able to spray in all directions. There should be no cracks or chips due to water leaking from the container. Finally, the hose used to spray the fire extinguishers is also crucial to check for any damage that may have occurred during storage.

Fire Extinguisher’s Hoses

The second thing to check is the fire extinguisher’s hoses. These are typically made out of rubber but can be anything from cotton to synthetic material. They must be leak-proof and able to adequately carry the water pressure produced by the fire extinguishers themselves. Additionally, the hoses should be checked to ensure that they aren’t being damaged or frayed during storage. If the hoses are in decent shape, then the fire protection technician will likely recommend that they be replaced with new ones.

Regular Inspection

Fire extinguishers and suppression systems should be closely inspected regularly. Sometimes certain models of extinguishers or fire hoses may need to be replaced due to faulty design or materials. In these cases, the technician can replace the items with ones of similar durability. They can also recommend other items that will help make the workplace more fireproof such as fire detection alarms and escape tools.

Proper Installation

The last element of fire protection is concerned about is the proper installation of Sprinklers. All employees and visitors who come into contact with these devices must receive proper first aid training. The training usually takes place in Houston and could be delivered through local community colleges or training programs. The training can include information on how to identify fires before they happen, how to use the appropriate materials for the job, and other safety tips.


Once all of these components of fire protection are complete and working properly, the next step is backflow prevention testing. This step checks to see that the system is functioning according to plan. The backflow device is the device that connects the water supply to the fire sprinkler system. When there is a malfunction in the system, it results in an overflow of the water, and the surrounding area is then evacuated. If the backflow device is not operating properly, this can result in an accidental release of chemicals that could be harmful or toxic. This inspection ensures that the entire system is functioning so that the hazards and risks do not present themselves at an inconvenient time.

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