4 Equipment That Must be Used by Road Racers

It is undeniable if the race is a sport full of risk. Accidents can happen. Consequently, of course, it’s not just fractures feared by the racers. Sometimes lives can also be a gamble when competing on the circuit.

So do not be surprised if the rules at a racing event are very strict. Especially if it concerns the racers’ safety. There are a lot of mandatory traps for racers that have to use during the race.

The following 5 road race drivers must use

1.     Helmets

Helmets became the main tool for racers that had to wear during the race. In addition to protecting the head from harsh impacts during an accident, another function of the helmet is protecting the eyes from exposure to wind or dust or dirt. Moreover, the race is certainly done with speeds above the average. Therefore what racers need is a helmet of the highest quality. If you are looking for a racing helmet with good quality and affordable prices, you can buy directly on Wheels. Wheels are the best motorbike clothing shops in the UK.

2.     Gloves

A glove is also a mandatory tool for racers. It looks trivial, but gloves also have an important role for a racer. The use of gloves is not merely protecting the skin from the sun. But also as a form of self-protection from risks that could have occurred on the circuit.

3.     Racing Shoes

Professional racers will not use just any racing shoes. Model boots usually become their choice. This model of shoes was chosen to reduce the risk of leg injury in case of an accident. Boots design must also be strong to deal with impact, abrasion, friction and flame retardant. But it also remains flexible when used.

To provide comfort to the racer, racing shoes must also have a lightweight. Understandably, the race must be done for several laps. The design of racing shoes is also usually made with height beyond the ankles and can even close some of the legs that are prone to broken when an accident occurs. The material used for the base of the shoe is a thick and strong shoe sole.

4.     Wearpack

A racing suit or wear pack is no less important. The special uniform for this racer also has a specific design and materials. Considering its existence is very important as a protector for the racers. Wearpack is designed to protect the most important parts of a racer’s body.

The ideal wear pack only weighs around 4.5kg. As a racer’s body armor, wear packs are also created using carbon kevlar panels. It serves to provide maximum protection at several important points of the human body such as the chest, spine, arms, elbows, knees, and shins.


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