5 Best Car Air Fresheners (2023 Guide)

How It Works

The Air Spencer has two components: a plastic case and a changeable gel insert that releases scent. There are several different scents available, but we chose squash, which had a pleasant smell that was actually reminiscent of bubble gum.

A sliding lever changes the gel insert’s exposure and thus the strength of the smell. You can put the CS-X3 anywhere in your car. The bottom has a sticky adhesive that makes it easy to attach to your dashboard, but you can put the small, slender device anywhere in your vehicle.

When the scent finally dies out, you can purchase refill packs in squash, lime, citrus, and crystal flavors. These cost around $8 per refill.

Our Experience

A close up image of the Air Spencer CS-X3 Air Freshener inside a vehicle.

Of the best car air fresheners, we had the top experience overall with this one. Our testers enjoyed the scent but were most impressed by the style of the device as well as its longevity. The smell also permeated the whole car interior.

Longevity: 5 out of 5

This is the longest-lasting of the scented car air fresheners that our team tested. Amazon reviews seem to support our experience, with several reviewers claiming that a single refill lasted well over a month.

Odor Masking: 4 out of 5

The scent from the Air Spencer can be quite strong when the device is opened fully. We left it only half open as we thought it was slightly too powerful. This scent also covered odor from gym clothes well, and it was the only smell we could detect in our test vehicle.

Value: 4 out of 5

Air Spencer refills are a little more expensive than what you’ll pay for some of the other best car air fresheners. However, the longevity of each odor gel makes this air freshener a decent value as you won’t need to replace it often.

What Customers Are Saying

Average Amazon rating: 4.4 out 5 after approximately 1,700 ratings

A full 83 percent of customer reviews give the product 4.0 stars or more. Most customers agree with our assessment, finding that the CS-X3 lasts a long time, looks sleek, and produces a pleasant smell.

Some customers claimed that the Air Spencer didn’t last long enough. It may be that these users bought a scent with shorter longevity than squash or possibly that the product runs out quicker when fully opened. Another issue is that the Air Spencer doesn’t do well in the heat. One person said the device melted and warped in 100-degree weather.

What Is It Good For?

We’d recommend the Air Spencer CS-X3 car air freshener if you want a pleasant scent that covers your vehicle and stays consistently powerful. It’s also a great option if you don’t want anything to hang from your mirror or cover up your cup holder. The Air Spencer can easily be placed just about anywhere in your vehicle. We also like the adjustment mechanism that makes it easy to set your desired potency.


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