7 of the Most Common Problems You Would Experience With Your Car

Regular servicing and maintenance of your car are very important, but occasionally, you’ll experience some unavoidable problems. You should take care of these issues as soon as they occur to ensure safety and save you from huge repair bills later on.

Some car problems are due to poor quality automobile spare parts. You can rely on Jegs high performance engines reviews to check out quality vehicle parts. Some could also be as a result of reduced efficiency of auto parts due to prolonged usage. Whichever the reason is, it’s never a good idea to ignore these problems. Reviews about car companies provide adequate information about car services that you need to know.

This list covers 7 of the most common problems found in cars.

1. Overheating: In reality, overheating rarely occurs since most modern cars are built with multiple sensors that monitor coolant temperatures. This does not cancel out all probability of its occurrence though. The moment the cooling system malfunctions, the engine will overheat. Your engine does a lot of work at highway speeds and this makes it prone to overheating. Once this happens, you should have the thermostat checked by a mechanic. Changing the water pump before it breaks will reduce the possibility of overheating issues.

2. Dead Battery: A typical car battery is expected to last about 3 years. As the battery loses its ability to maintain a charge, the electrical currents decrease. This can cause the battery to run down. Some people try to charge dead car batteries. You should not attempt this as the internals would be damaged from sulphation. It is advisable to change your car battery every 3 years or 50,000 miles whether or not it is showing signs of damage.

3. Squeaking of Brakes: Like most moving parts of a car, a brake is eventually going to wear out. For safety reasons, once your brake system shows symptoms like squeaking or squealing, you should get them replaced immediately.

4. Flat Tires: Apparently, a tire would be flat if it gets punctured. Sometimes, wear and tear could be the cause of a flat tire. It’s best to rotate both front and rear tires every 5,000 miles or when you change your engine oil.

5. Failing Alternators: The alternator is a type of electric generator that keeps your battery charged. It also keeps the electrical system running immediately after the car starts. If it breaks, it will be difficult to start the car. Therefore, you should replace the alternator at the right intervals before it breaks.

6. Steering Wheel Shaking: Several reasons can cause the steering wheel to shake:

• Uneven rotors

• Rotor run out

• Warped rotors

Your steering wheel could begin to shake immediately when you start your car or at higher speeds. Once this happens, you should have a professional mechanic inspect the car at your location.

7. Leaking Radiator: The major cause of leakages in a car radiator is corrosion. And there are many causes of corrosion too. You should replace the radiator once it starts to leak because it will consequently lead to more leakages. It is very important to keep the radiator in good condition because it could lead to an engine fire when there is a problem with overheating.

Don’t fret if you experience one or more of these problems with your car. The right thing to do is to take care of the issue immediately through a professional mechanic or by yourself if they are simple things you can fix.

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