All You Need To Know About Federal Signal Lights


Federal Signal Lights is a trailblazer in the field of technology created to ensure the availability of trustworthy warning systems for emergency personnel and workers operating heavy trucks. Their specialty is groundbreaking light and siren devices.

Federal Signal possesses some of the most impressive, advanced technological goods to ever reach the global market. Their mission remains at the forefront of light and siren technology, passing on the benefits of their labor to the industry of emergency devices.

Their innovation has propelled Federal Signal into a position of worldwide renown. They boast a diverse portfolio of impressive products and wide-ranging vehicular modifications. Federal Signal contributes to the world some of the most cutting-edge devices in the field of signaling. After a hundred years in business, the company has turned into a technologically dominant powerhouse, with thousands of employees and 10 factories across three continents.

Light bars and sirens produced by Federal Signal are used by countless police departments and emergency medical services. Without this kind of technology, first responders and law enforcement entities would struggle to communicate and move among the public. The heroes in our communities can’t cut corners when it comes to their ability to interact with citizens, as they are their main clients. That’s why Federal Signal is their go-to choice. Let’s take a closer look at some of the superior Federal Signal products:

Light Bars – FS has designed multiple versions of the signature light bars used by emergency services. One of their most impressive models is known as the Valor. It’s actually shaped like a V. When this bar is activated, greater amounts of light are emitted on either side of it. That means that in traffic, an emergency vehicle using the Valor will be visible from much further away. This light bar has the ability to emit a powerful floodlight for more remote operations. It even diminishes drag from the wind when the vehicle is moving at high speed. The Valor is easy to install and can endure all conditions for a long time.

Sirens – The sirens made by Federal Signal don’t just make sound. They can be reconfigured to integrate with other FS devices. Take the SmartSiren Platinum, for example.

It can be used as a typical siren, an air horn, a radio station/transmitter, or a public address system. Its ports can sync to FS light bars (like the Valor). Once that connection has been established, one remote can control the siren and the light bar. For discretion, there’s a stealth mode which disables lighting instantly.

There is software that can remotely customize and configure the SmartSiren, so you don’t need to be hands on with the device to work with it. Federal Signal provides software that enables access to an entire fleet’s worth of their devices. The controls can be duplicated so as many personnel as needed has the same degree of access.

AirEl – This is a thermal ID system with the potential to save lives. AirEL can function in the air, at sea, or on land. The system presents as a series of alphanumeric figures, and is situated on the tops of vehicles. Due to light from the flow of electricity, these digits emit a glow in low light, making them visible from very far away. This can come in handy if someone is lost at sea, for example. AirEL can also facilitate tracking a fleeing person or establishing a perimeter.

These and other ingenious innovations are what Federal Signal lights are famous for. With FS’s ability to develop products that aid police and rescue organizations, they have secured a position of global importance.


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