Atelier launches ‘world’s first’ CPG manufacturing platform utilizing ‘composable manufacturing’

Earlier this year, Australia-based beauty product manufacturer Atelier announced the launch of its CPG manufacturing platform which is, as detailed in its company press release, “the first to use digital twins and the same database technology as Facebook and Amazon: semantically enriched graph databases that virtually connect global manufacturers into a single network​.”

As further explained in the release, the platform, which is now live in the US, features a process the company has dubbed ‘composable manufacturing’ wherein by “using one platform, brands acquire the capabilities of vetted packaging manufacturers, sustainable material suppliers, formulation chemists, and over 35,000 ingredients to develop bespoke products, without having to source, establish, and manage their own supply chain​.”

To learn more about ‘composable manufacturing’ and the challenges that Atelier had to overcome prior to launch, the platform’s potential impact on manufacturers and suppliers to the cosmetics and personal care product industries, and plans for further innovation and development in this space, CosmeticsDesign spoke with Nick Benson, Founder of Atelier for his insights.

CDU: What is the potential impact of this technology launch on US manufacturers and suppliers to the cosmetic and personal care product industries? ​ 

Nick Benson (NB): Great question — Atelier is a transformational manufacturing technology. Traditionally manufacturers face ‘cost-to-serve’ barriers that prevent them from being able to afford to serve mid-market and longtail brands.

This means they often miss the opportunity to serve the powerhouse brands of tomorrow because working with early-stage brands represents tremendous risk. These projects are where the treasure lies in the industry, they often hold expand margins as new brands don’t have purchasing power yet and they are largest growth area in the industry.


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