Automotive Engineering Technology Program Earns Top 10 Ranking from

PhotoFerris State University’s Bachelor of Science degree in Automotive Engineering Technology
has been placed among the top 10 Automotive Engineering degree programs in the United
States by, an online publication researching college and program

An online higher education publication offering weekly reports to facilitate best
choices for institutions and programs has placed Ferris State University’s Bachelor
of Science degree in Automotive Engineering Technology among its top 10 in that category.
Specifically, Ferris ranked seventh in the rankings, ahead of larger, nationally-known institutions such as the University of
Tennessee and Indiana State University.

Automotive Engineering Technology Program Coordinator Patrick English said this type
of recognition is a point of pride for the faculty, who seek to advance a program
Ferris has offered for more than 50 years.

“Our curriculum is unique in that we have our students become proficient as technicians
before we provide the learning that allows them to serve in engineering technology
roles in the industry,” English said. “We are constantly adapting our instruction
content to ensure that students are ready to serve in industry and well apprised of
coming trends in their chosen field.” noted Ferris’ stock of 100-plus manufacturer-donated vehicles made
available to assist instruction in the program, the largest such offering in the U.S.

“We are so pleased to hear from vehicle and parts manufacturers who tell us Ferris
Automotive Engineering Technology graduates have the exact qualifications they are
seeking for their engineering teams,” English said. “Their practical knowledge positions
them capably between the technicians who work on the product in the bay and the engineers
who are engaged in computer-assisted design. Ferris students work with a most capable,
hands-on approach in this collaboration, which is a key element of a successful engineering

Finally, Ferris’ program earns tribute for offering students certificate programs
to focus their Performance Machining and Performance Motor Sports intentions.

“The Automotive Building is going through a gradual retrofit process so that we can
maximize our instructional opportunities for our students,” English said. “In terms
of curriculum adjustment, we are currently focused on gathering the latest possible
equipment and information related to fully electrified transportation and autonomous

The educational objectives for graduates of the AET program include:

  • Finding employment in a discipline appropriate to the Bachelor of Science in Automotive
    Engineering Technology degree.
  • Achieving recognition as a valued employee through varied forms of promotion or merit.
  • Obtaining membership in professional organizations.
  • Having the ability and desire to continue education through various means, including
    advanced degrees.

Automotive Engineering Technology at Ferris


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