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Engineers are in high demand and highly valued across a wide range of industries. With the right qualifications, experience, and technical knowledge, engineers can command some of the highest salaries available. So if you’re an engineering graduate looking for your next career move, take a look at these best paying engineering jobs to see what kind of salary you could expect to earn. From software development to aerospace engineering, these top paying roles offer competitive salaries that reflect their importance in today’s job market.

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Petroleum engineers rank among the best paying jobs in engineering, with an average salary of $132,280 in 2019. It is also one of the most complex, requiring individuals to possess extensive knowledge about oil and gas production, as well as the many tools used for extraction. Petroleum engineers must have a deep understanding of geology, mathematics, physics, and operational processes to find new sources of hydrocarbons; they also design the plans used by other engineers and technicians to tap into these sources. 

Ultimately, petroleum engineers are responsible for making sure that all operations run smoothly and efficiently while following work health and safety regulations. As one of the highest paying jobs in engineering, petroleum engineers are responsible for locating, conjuring, and recovering resources from beneath the Earth’s surface. These experts typically make an average of $132,280 per year due to their specialized knowledge of natural gas and oil; allowing them to work closely with geophysicists and other exploration specialists to identify and capitalize on potential drilling sites. 

In addition, petroleum engineers also develop well-drilling plans that take into account a variety of outside factors such as flow rate, depth, terrain/topology, etc., while acquiring critical data used in refining operations. With their invaluable experience working in both exploratory and operational roles above and below ground, petroleum engineers can provide priceless counsel on issues ranging from environmental compliance to economic efficiency which makes them some of the best paid contributors that the engineering industry has to offer.

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Computer hardware engineering is one of the best paying engineering jobs, and that’s no surprise considering the salary of $117,220 that they can bring in. A computer hardware engineer plays an important role in designing, testing, updating, and repairing any type of electronic device that contains a physical component. With their expertise on topics like microprocessors, circuit boards, and microcontrollers, these engineers make invaluable contributions to a wide array of projects. From consumer electronics to medical equipment, a computer hardware engineer’s job is both versatile and rewarding. It may require long hours at the desk but with salaries this high it’s worth it. 

Becoming a computer hardware engineer can be one of the most financially rewarding jobs in engineering. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, on average computer hardware engineers make $117,220 per year. This salary is significantly higher than salaries for other engineering positions and makes the job highly competitive when it comes to getting a position with a company. Those who decide that this career is for them can expect to go through extensive training to learn how to work with some of the newest and most cutting-edge technologies in development today. With a strong demand for this job, it certainly pays off to become a computer hardware engineer and land one of the best paying jobs in engineering.

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Aerospace Engineering is widely considered to be one of the best paying jobs in engineering, with an average salary of $115,220. This career focuses on research, design, and development of aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and other related structures. Aerospace engineers must have a thorough understanding of mathematics and physics so they can specifically design or develop aircraft components. They are responsible for overseeing every phase of the designing process; from designing complex systems to simulating aircraft operation performance, aerospace engineers use their expertise to develop highly specialized systems for civilian or military purposes. This field demands finesse; mistakes are costly which is why aerospace engineers are incredibly valuable in our society today. 

Aerospace engineering is considered to be one of the best paying jobs in engineering, with an annual average salary of $115,220 as of 2019. Aerospace engineers use physics and materials science principles to design and develop aircraft, spacecraft, and missiles. They are vital to the development and operation of manned or unmanned aerial vehicles in the military, airlines, and space exploration. These engineers study fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, propulsion systems, and structures, as well as their interaction with the environment. They must consider many factors when designing things such as air resistance, structural stability, and performance. Aerospace engineers are in high demand due to ongoing technological advancements, with many companies offering competitive salaries for highly skilled professionals.

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Nuclear Engineering is one of the best paying jobs in engineering, with an average salary of $113,460. The job requires highly specialized knowledge and technical skill to build and maintain complex machinery such as nuclear power plants or research facilities. As a result, nuclear engineers need to understand advanced concepts like thermodynamics, material science, mechanics, and physics. Nuclear engineers also have extensive training in safety procedures so that they can ensure that their workspaces remain safe for everyone. 

Furthermore, the job requires excellent problem-solving skills since it often involves troubleshooting any technical difficulties that might arise with machines or procedures. Though the hours can be long and the responsibilities may seem daunting at times, nuclear engineers always know that their work has a great impact on society – every day they are striving to create a better future through safer methods of energy production and use. 

Nuclear engineering is one of the best paying engineering jobs, with a nationwide average salary of $113,460 per year. A nuclear engineer will typically work to design and construct nuclear reactors, develop safety protocols related to nuclear energy, and help maintain existing reactors. In addition to performing these duties, a nuclear engineer may also be responsible for training personnel in working safely with radioactive materials, conducting experiments related to the field, and ensuring compliance with federal regulations related to nuclear power plants. As with many high paying jobs, some states have higher salaries for engineers dealing with this type of critical technology; however, all workers in this field are highly sought-after due to their potential impact on the environment.

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Becoming a systems software developer can be an excellent career choice for individuals interested in engineering and designing complex software solutions. This type of job is one of the best paying engineering jobs, with average salaries ranging from $110,000 to $175,000. 

Systems software developers can make a major impact in engineering and technology, as they are responsible for creating and maintaining IT solutions for businesses and other organizations. With exceptional troubleshooting skills, systems software developers can identify critical issues within existing software designs and then implement necessary changes to improve security features and software performance. This type of career includes ample opportunities for professionals to push their creativity while working on complex solutions that will help advance their company or organization’s mission. Becoming a systems software developer is an attractive profession for many engineers

The diverse job roles, challenges, and best paying salary have this career at the top of the list for best paying jobs in engineering. With an average salary of $110,000, it’s easy to see why so many people are considering a career as a systems software developer! 

From developing enterprise resource planning systems or managing database networks to creating and testing new software patches and applications, this career offers a wide array of activities that provide satisfaction and reward. This could be the perfect job if you’re ready to put your engineering skills to work!

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Chemical engineers are among the best paying engineers in the industry today, with a salary averaging mid to high five figures. With a great education and experience in mastering an understanding of the composition and reactions of various substances and materials, chemical engineers gain in-demand skills that many companies require for research and development. On top of salaries being on the higher side within engineering fields, there are numerous bonus opportunities available, providing additional incentives to pursue this highly-rewarding profession. 

Chemical Engineers are best paying engineering jobs, and their average salary is right around the mid to high five figures range. While this money isn’t coming straight away and requires long hours of hard work while in school and on the job, many people agree that incoming professionals will be likely to make an impressive salary. Those who have a passion for science blended with strong technical skills can pay dividends as Chemical Engineers have access to some of the most lucrative careers in engineering.

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Automotive engineering is one of the best paying jobs in engineering, with salaries typically ranging from the low to mid six figures. Professionals in this field often design complex automotive features such as brakes, fuel systems, and car interiors. They can also specialize in certain areas such as engine modifications or aerodynamics. 

Automotive engineers are generally skilled and educated professionals who have studied the mechanics of vehicle operation and design, so their expertise and insight can be extremely valuable when it comes to automotive development. Plus, they offer outstanding job security – since cars are always being designed, modified, and improved upon there’s a steady demand for automotive engineers. 

Automotive engineers specialize in research and development for innovative car designs as well as problem solving for safety and emissions testing. From designing engines to creating interior components and more, automotive engineering is a cutting-edge career choice with significant potential for growth. 

Best of all, even with the growing demand for professionals in this field, salaries remain fairly competitive across the board – making automobile engineering a great way to make a good living while working on interesting projects.

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Biomedical engineering is one of the best paying jobs in engineering, with an average salary in the upper five figures range. Working as a biomedical engineer can offer more than just a generous paycheck; it’s an opportunity to solve complex problems and develop life saving technologies.

Biomedical engineers research and develop innovative technology by investing in new processes and using their skills to help improve patient care. Their expertise also extends beyond the laboratory, from designing medical robots and prostheses to helping form healthcare policies. The potential for both impactful scientific discovery and career success makes this engineering field a great choice for anyone looking to make a positive impact on society through their work. 

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Civil engineering is the spine of the modern world, responsible for constructing and maintaining the infrastructure that makes all other industries and technological advancements possible. As such, becoming a civil engineer can lead to the best paying engineering jobs. The average salary ranges from the lower end of five figures up to seven or eight-figure salaries for top earners. Working as an engineer will require commitment and stability, but you can also build long-term wealth and prestige that comes with some of the higher-paid positions in this field. Although it might be difficult to enter at first, a successful civil engineering career is one of the few jobs that guarantee high pay and rewards. 

When it comes to engineering jobs, civil engineers are considered some of the best paying positions out there. They have the responsibility of designing and constructing infrastructure like bridges, roads, and buildings. The salary for civil engineers ranges from five figures at the lower end to seven or eight figures at its highest scale for the top earners. With this potential for great pay mixed with a rewarding profession, it’s no wonder that civil engineering is such an appealing field for many individuals who want to join the tech industry.

Engineers who have gained experience in multiple disciplines may also qualify for higher salaries than those that specialize in just one field. No matter the engineering discipline chosen, working hard and continually developing your skills can help you command a higher salary over time. 

Additionally, staying up to date with the latest developments in the field and obtaining certifications or licenses can help you gain that extra edge to negotiate a higher salary. Ultimately, having a solid foundation of engineering knowledge is essential for any engineer looking to maximize their earning potential and become successful in the field. 


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