Best places to buy a salvage car in Calgary, a better bid

Buying a salvage car in Canada can be a great idea to save money, but where can one do so? Read this blog for a list of the best auto auctions in Calgary.

Best places to buy a salvage car in Calgary
The average price of a new automobile in Canada is around $45,000. So, if you want to buy a car, it’s wise to consider checking out salvage vehicles for sale. These vehicles cost less than half the price of brand-new cars and can be driven after being fixed up and passing inspections.

But, where can you find fixable salvage cars for a reasonable price? The main place to consider is a car auction. You can easily find a wrecked vehicle auction in Calgary online, such as A Better Bid.

Reasons to buy salvage cars
There are several reasons you should consider buying a salvage car from an auto auction; for example, you can:

Get spare parts
Salvage-title cars can be a treasure trove of spare parts. Therefore, even if you do not want to fix up a salvage vehicle and drive it in the future, you can use it to get parts for other automobiles you’d like to repair or restore.

Find a goldmine
Salvage-title vehicles are often barely damaged, but insurance companies deem them a total loss. In such cases, you can get an excellent car at an affordable price. For example, a hailstorm-damaged vehicle typically only has damage to the body of the vehicle while the interior and engine remain unharmed.

Furthermore, an older model automobile that requires just a few repairs may be sold under the salvage category; so, you could get a great deal. For those who are exceptionally lucky, you may find stolen cars that were recovered and appointed a salvage title. These vehicles may not have any damage, but they are sold for cheap.

This way, you can get your hands on some amazing exclusive, luxury, or vintage collection cars that have salvage titles and are very valuable amongst the car collector community for a fraction of their real cost.

Save money
As mentioned before, you can find amazing vehicles that cost 20 to 40 percent less than the market value.

Things to keep in mind when buying a salvage auto
Before you actually take the leap of faith and buy a car at a salvage auction, there are several things that you need to check off your list:

Review the Car’s History.

It’s crucial for you to know precisely what led the automobile to get a salvage title: was it a fire, trespassing, crash, or flood? When you find that out, you will be able to better discern the extent of the damage and how much money it will take to get it fully repaired.

You can get the full history by obtaining the vehicle identification number (VIN). Moreover, online car auctions such as A Better Bid (ABB) actually provide a detailed and honest report.

Inspect the car
If you know a bit about cars or have a friend or an expert on hand who does, then it’s a good idea to get the salvage vehicle inspected before you go on and buy it. Try to get a hold of the pictures if you cannot go in person or if the auction place doesn’t allow it.

Thankfully, ABB provides buyers the facility to check out the automobile they’re interested in bidding on before it goes online so that they can be absolutely sure whether they would want to invest in it or not.
The Best Places to Buy a Salvage Car in Calgary, AB

If you’re in the Calgary area of Alberta, Canada and looking for a place where you can buy salvage vehicles, consider the following auto auctions:

1. A better bid (ABB)
A Better Bid (ABB) is one of the top online car auctioneers offering their services all over America and in Calgary, Canada. Their auctions are held every day, where you can bid on the vehicle of your choice. They have an extensive inventory ranging from recreational vehicles and motorcycles to heavy equipment, boats, and jet skis.

Furthermore, ABB is well-regarded for its straightforward bidding process, fantastic customer service, and transparency. You are bound to find some amazing brands and great cars for an unimaginable price.

The online bidding platform also extends a vehicle history report to its Pro and Premium members. You can even get the car delivered to a US port and cleared by customs for delivery in Calgary, Canada.

2. ADESA calgary
ADESA Calgary has more than 75 auction houses across North America. Auctions take place every Wednesday. They also have an auto bidding system and are known to have an efficient, responsive, and helpful staff.

3. Calgary salvage disposal
If you’re looking for a salvage car for the purpose of retrieving rare auto parts, then Calgary Salvage Disposal is a great option. They offer all types of automobiles, even heavy equipment. Their auto auctions take place every two weeks, and you can browse the available vehicles for a minimum of six days prior.

4. Copart calgary
Copart Calgary is known for having a large inventory and is a renowned international auto auction place. They have more than 125,000 vehicles for auction daily and are available in 190 locations worldwide. The platform sells salvage, used, and wholesale cars to individual buyers, dealerships, car collectors, and auto shops. At Copart Calgary, you can sell several types of automobiles, including tractor-trailers, RVs, and motorcycles.

In conclusion
Buying a salvage automobile can be an excellent idea if you have a bit of know-how in repairing cars or a good mechanic who can guide you. Furthermore, you can get the vehicle of your dreams for a fraction of its original price.

However, buying a salvage vehicle from a reliable place that provides accurate details regarding the car’s history and current state is essential. Auction places, such as A Better Bid, provide pictures, a vehicle history report, and a straightforward bidding process to make the entire ordeal exciting and simple.


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