VFACTS December 2022: Hybrid cars set new sales record in Australia

Hybrid cars outsold electric vehicles by more than two-to-one in Australia last year. With more than 315,000 hybrids delivered over the past 20 years, their emissions reductions are equivalent to putting 95,000 electric cars on the road.

Sales of hybrid cars hit record highs in Australia last year amid a surge in sales of electric vehicles.

Market leader Toyota accounted for nine out of every 10 hybrid cars sold in Australia in 2022.

Such is Toyota’s dominance, if its hybrid models were a standalone brand they would have been the sixth-biggest selling marque in Australia ahead of the entire showroom line-ups of Hyundai and Ford last year.

Toyota has now delivered more than 315,000 hybrid cars in Australia over the past 20 years. By its calculations, the emissions reduction of Toyota hybrid vehicles are equivalent to putting 95,000 electric cars on the road.

Despite the record sales of hybrid vehicles, Toyota Australia maintains customers should continue to be offered a choice of petrol, diesel and electric options that best suit their needs – rather than forcing buyers to make the switch to solely-electric cars.

“We are committed to providing our customers with a diverse range of technologies that will help them on their journey to zero tailpipe emissions,” said Toyota Australia vice president, sales and marketing, Sean Hanley, who noted vehicle options needed to suit a range of motoring needs.

“In Australia, right now, plenty of people are towing caravans, plenty of people are using cars for leisure, or using cars for industry,” said Mr Hanley.

“(Electric cars) will suit some people, (hybrid cars) will suit some people, (hydrogen vehicles) will suit some people, we’re going to give them the choice.”

The Toyota RAV4 was the top-selling hybrid vehicle – and

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