Do people prefer to rent a car or buy one?

Over the years, the stance of people as regards owning properties has changed. While older people feel that having tangible properties like cars, houses, etc. is a good decision and should be a major life goal, most millennials want instant gratification, so they would rather rent a house or a car than buy one. However, the choice to buy a car or rent one ultimately lies with you.

Whether you want to buy a used car or a new car, you should read the reviews about the company you want to buy from on It will also be a good idea to first drive the exact car you want to buy. A great way to achieve this is to rent the model of car you want to buy and enjoy a first-hand experience before going ahead. You could also read reviews about car rental companies to know the right company to rent a car from. Here are some things to consider when making the choice;

Career Stability

If your job does not require you moving from one place to the other, then buying a car might not be the best decision for you, especially if you are spending a short time wherever you stay. However, if your career and life generally are stable, you should consider buying a car as it will be cheaper and more customized to your needs.

Financial stability 

A car is a depreciating asset; the value starts to reduce the moment you drive it away from the dealer’s shop. By the time you use the car for a year, the value is down by 30{36b6dac878274b5017d45359e48f25eeaf1bfd9620bca752b522c04c58ad2140} already. As such, you should be sure of your financial condition before you buy a car. if your job is unstable or you are relying on others to make ends meet, buying a car is a wrong decision for you at that stage, except you want to use it for commercial driving. If you have a stable job, crosscheck your earnings with car insurance, down payments, maintenance costs, interest, etc. before you take action.

Your plans

Another factor that should influence your choice between renting a car or buying one is your plans. For instance, if you plan to take your car on road trips often, you might want to consider buying a car than renting a new one. The cost of renting a car every time you want to travel can be over the board in the long run, compared to when you buy a low-budget car. Also, if you have kids, you should get a car for convenience. This way, you can take them anywhere anytime.


You also have to consider your location when determining whether you should rent a car or buy one. If you live in a place that is usually heavily congested due to the number of cars on the road, buying a car might not be a good decision. Your car will mostly be useless as you cannot drive it as often as you want, and in most cases, opt for public transport.

Your interest

Are you interested in renting a car or you prefer to buy one? You have to consider what each option means to you. For some people, buying a car is a status symbol, so they would rather buy it even if their needs don’t accommodate such. Some also love the idea of having their stuff and not sharing it with other people. If you fall into this category, renting a car may never appeal to you.



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