How to drive safely

Finland has some of the safest roads on the whole planet. But that’s not to say that we can be overly blasé about how we’re driving. It doesn’t matter if you own the car or if you hired it from Hertz, you will need to take care and always keep safety in mind.

No loud music

I love music as much as the next person. And from time to time I even like to go to a rock concert. I’m even one to pop on a few tunes when I’m behind the wheel. But make sure that any music you have playing is not playing too loud.

When your music is too loud, you won’t be able to think properly, and therefore won’t be able to keep your mind on what’s up ahead. When you start driving, make sure that any music you have has the volume turned down, and your focus is on the road, not on the radio.

No other distractions

As well as music there are plenty of other distractions that you need to remove. Make sure that you can have a clear view of what’s ahead, that means anything to do with reading a map needs to be given to the passenger. Keep your hands to yourself when you’re behind the wheel, no matter how attractive your partner happens to be.

And most importantly of all. Your phone. There is never any reason to be using your phone whilst you’re driving, as this is the number one cause of driving accidents.

Not when drunk or tired

There are certain times when you just shouldn’t be behind the wheel at all. This includes when you’re tired and when you’re drunk. You don’t even need to be drunk drunk.

If you’ve had a drink, you need to let someone else drive you home.

Drink driving gets a lot of focus, but another type of driving that’s even more dangerous is tired driving. Being tired can have the same effects on you that being drunk can. And when you’re tired, you can’t focus on what you need to be focusing on.

If you need to sleep. Sleep. It’s better to arrive late than in a coffin.

Keep Calm and Carry on

We all get angry sometimes. But being behind the wheel is not the time to be getting angry. You will want to keep your cool. Road range can cloud your judgement and make you make some choices that you wouldn’t under normal circumstances.

If you’re feeling angry, then before you get behind the wheel, you need to go for a walk, maybe even go for a slight meditate. Do whatever you need to do to be in a zen mood when you start driving.

It’s better to be late than to be in an accident because you’re too angry to focus on your driving.

Hiring a car

If you’re a safe driver and you need somewhere to hire a car from, then check out what’s on offer at Suomiarvostelut. Here, you can find reviews for all kinds of websites and online shops. It works by people leaving reviews.

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