Lamborghini hybrid supercar: More details emerge

Italian supercar maker Lamborghini has provided more details about what’s under the body of its upcoming hybrid vehicle ahead of its formal unveiling.

Italian car-maker Lamborghini has released more details about its upcoming hybrid supercar, showing off its carbon-fibre chassis ahead of its unveiling later this month.

Lamborghini’s new supercar – codenamed LB744 – is due to replace the outgoing Aventador next year, though few parts from the predecessor will carry across to the upcoming model.

According to Lamborghini, the hybrid supercar is based on a “monofuselage” platform – combining a carbon fibre monocoque with “aeronautics-inspired” elements.

The car-maker claims the LB744 is the world’s first “super sports car” to be fitted with a front structure made entirely from carbon fibre, boasting double the strength of the previous Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae’s aluminium front frame.

Lamborghini says it has achieved this by incorporating its patented “Forged Composite” materials – a process which involves soaking carbon fibre in resin for extra strength.

Compared to the outgoing Aventador, Lamborghini claims the LB744’s “monofuselage” is 10 per cent lighter than the previous chassis, while its torsional stiffness – how it stands up to being twisted – has increased by 25 per cent. 

As reported last week, the new Lamborghini supercar will be its more powerful ever, developing up to 747kW thanks to a 6.5-litre petrol V12 assisted by three electric motors.

While one electric motor will feed power to the gearbox at the rear axles, two 110kW/150Nm e-motors will drive the front wheels – all of which are supplied by a relatively small 3.8kWh battery pack, mounted along the centre of the car.

Last month, images of the hybrid replacement for the Lamborghini Aventador supercar leaked online, alongside reports it will be named Revuelto.

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