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Control system, redesigned interface


The Arumatik-Mi control system has been updated with a redesigned graphical interface, making it easier to use for operators of all levels. The control offers G-code programming with built-in assistance, modern touch screen technology offering quick and effortless screen transitions, customizable visual work setting screens, maintenance support functions, and video guidance on the 19″ LCD.

Advanced but familiar operation and ultra high-speed, high precision super smooth surface control (SSS) means the Arumatik-Mi can process large programs for complex parts with speed and accuracy. Free software upgrades for the life of the control ensure users stay on the leading edge of metal cutting technology.

Kitamura’s exclusive Anywhere Remote mobile notification and monitoring suite is standard, allowing users to view real-time data & analytics while offering remote operation and production flexibility for improved production performance.



Tool presetter

The »smileCompact« is a full function presetting and measuring machine designed in a smaller, space-saving unit that can be placed directly beside a CNC machine or on the shop floor. Designed for the tool requirements of medium and small lot sizes, this mini presetter offers an easy entry point into ZOLLER technology and is certified to UL/CSA safety standards by TÜV SÜD.

»smileCompact« is equipped with an SK 50 high-precision spindle whose power-activated functions are controlled by a membrane keyboard. A single-hand operating device allows for manual, quick adjustments of the Z- and X-axis.

The machine features a telecentric lens and CCD camera that includes an integrated, 360° LED incident light for cutting edge inspection. The vertical, 13.3″ multi-touch screen offers a clear image of the tool’s cutting edge. A label printer to print various parameters offers extra convenience.

This presetter also comes with ZOLLER’s »pilotStarter« image processing software, which provides measurements such as length and diameter dimensions, radius, angle, and radial and axial runout at the push of a button.

The machine has a measuring range up to 13.77″ (350mm) in the Z-axis, 6.3″ (160mm) in the X-axis, and 12.6″ (320mm) in diameter.


Watch Demos of the system can be arranged at: 


Manufacturing data platform

Renishaw Central is a data-driven manufacturing solution that brings the power of connectivity to the machine shop floor. The system collects accurate, actionable data on machines, parts, and processes from across the factory, presenting it centrally for insight and interrogation at the point of manufacture.

The platform provides machine shop connectivity, consistency, control, and confidence, allowing manufacturers to harness end-to-end process data and use that data to develop a factory-wide system architecture.

Renishaw Central enables monitoring and updating machining and quality control systems. Manufacturing process parameters can also be updated using its Intelligent Process Control (IPC) software functionality. The ability to predict, identify, and correct process errors before they happen supports increasingly automated solutions and processes for long-term productivity, capability, and efficiency gains.

With Renishaw Central, manufacturers can check the performance of devices on the shop floor, understand device utilization, and examine and validate part quality. User-friendly dashboards show live device data that can be passed into tools such as Microsoft Power BI via application programming interfaces. The analytics can then be used for in-process control applications and continuous improvement.



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