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Why attend the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show

CMTS (Sept. 25-28) is the country’s largest show dedicated to the manufacturing sector.

CMTS has carefully curated its offerings to entice manufacturing executives to attend the event. Several factors make CMTS valuable for manufacturing executives. Here are the Top 10:

1. Industry Experts and Guest Speakers. Renowned industry experts and thought leaders will share their valuable insights and offer strategic guidance. Through keynote sessions, panel discussions, and presentations, distinguished speakers will provide fresh perspectives on upcoming trends and preparing attendees for the future.

The opening day keynote will be presented by Max Moruzzi, CEO of Xaba. He will talk about advanced technologies, including cognitive industrial robotics and cobots and also describe a fully functional car chassis that was printed leveraging sustainable materials and an AI-driven large additive manufacturing work cell. His presentation will delve into the key factors that will enable the seamless integration of AI, ultimately fostering innovation and increased productivity across manufacturing domains.

On the second day of the show, PwC will lead a Thought Leadership Panel on Industry 5.0 and sustainability.

Other highlights for this show include keynotes led by Flavio Volpe, president of the Automotive Parts Manufacturer’s Association (APMA) and Greta Cutulenco, Co-founder/CEO of Acerta.

Other Thought Leadership Panels will be moderated by Colin Dhillon, chief technical officer of APMA and Julie Pike, senior director, event strategy for SME.

2. Innovative Technology Showcases. CMTS will host technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality, and automation. These innovations have the potential to revolutionize the manufacturing industry, capturing the attention of executives looking to stay at the forefront of progress. Demonstrations of these advanced technologies inspire executives with new possibilities for their businesses.

3. Smart Technology and Tools to Maximize Audience Productivity. CMTS will provide attendees with the SME Events+ App, the first AI-powered CMTS smart app, offering users recommendations for people to meet, presentations and products to view, and exhibits to visit that are tailored to their personal profiles. These features allow attendees to connect with exhibitors, plan their visits efficiently, and maximize networking opportunities, streamlining the process of identifying relevant exhibitors and arranging one-on-one meetings, saving valuable time, and ensuring meaningful connections.

4. In-Depth Industry Insights. Alongside the exhibition, CMTS will offer knowledge-sharing sessions and workshops that delve into critical industry topics. Executives can participate in discussions about industry challenges, market trends, and emerging technologies, empowering them with actionable intelligence to guide their business strategies.

5. MaRS Discovery District and NGen Pavillion. These two organizations will have a pavilion dedicated to startups and SME companies they support.

6. CTMA Tooling Pavilion. The Canadian Tooling & Machining Association (CTMA) will host a tooling pavilion showcasing the latest advances in tooling technologies.

7. APMA Annual Conference. This year, the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association’s (APMA) Annual Conference will be co-located at CMTS 2023. With more than 400 attendees, speakers, sponsors, and industry leaders, the APMA’s Annual Conference is Canada’s premier automotive and mobility event. Project Arrow, APMA’s first original, full-build, zero-emission concept vehicle and an all-Canadian effort, will be showcased at CMTS 2023.

8. Welding Knowledge Share. CWB Group and EWI are showcasing the latest in tele-welding (or cloud-based welding), featuring a welding device that could be driven by an operator who is physically distant from the actual weld site.

9. Knowledge Bars. A series of Knowledge Bar sessions will occur each day, covering a numerous topics of interest for the manufacturing community and providing insights to the attendees of CMTS 2023.

10. Smart Manufacturing Hub. These every-day sessions will ensure that CMTS 2023 attendees are in the know on all things “smart” and Industry 4.0.

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