RayMing PCB & Assembly Company Revolutionizes Healthcare Device With Medical Grade Manufacturing Technology

The company provides manufacturing and assembly services for a wide range of IoMT devices.

SHENZHEN, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / May 22, 2023 / China-based PCB assembly manufacturer RayMing is renowned throughout the world for its turn-key and partial turn-key printed circuit board assembly services. Established in 2005, the company is on a mission to provide high-quality yet cost-effective products that meet customers’ requirements.

Rayming PCB & Assembly
Rayming PCB & Assembly
PCB manufacturing & assembly factory

In recent years, RayMing has found itself increasingly focused on the healthcare industry, manufacturing medical grade PCB and offering services that relate to medical electronics.

“Technology and medicine always go together,” says a company spokesperson. “As such, PCB assembly has become tremendously important in the world of modern medicine. Here at RayMing, we are providing services that directly affect people’s lifespans and quality of life. We’re more than proud of our contribution to society in this regard.”

Medical PCBs are used in many different ways in the healthcare industry. From pacemakers to medical imaging applications, such as MRIs, they can also be found in monitoring and diagnostic devices, implants, and gadgets such as body temperature monitors.
With a reputation for outstanding customer service and unparalleled technical expertise, RayMing has grown to be one of the biggest and most well-respected companies in the industry.

“Our customers always come back to us because of our reliability. We deliver on time, we have a large support team who are quick to respond to any queries, but, more than that, we provide the highest quality standards in the electronics industry along with the latest PCB manufacturing technologies.”

The company’s state-of-the-art PCB manufacturing facilities are ISO9001-certified, IPC-A-600 and IPC-A-610 compliant. With a well-developed PCB manufacturing facility, a dedicated team for procurement of electronic components, and a PCB assembly plant in Shenzhen, China, RayMing is well-equipped to meet the ever-increasing demand of electronic PCB assembly services in a variety of industries.

The company also has an ever-increasing number of glowing reviews from satisfied customers, which can be viewed on its website: “It’s a pretty awesome experience to work with RayMing Technology! They are a very professional team. And that makes me confident to let them produce our medical devices,” says Miguel, from Canada.

“RayMing is a best choice for PCA, PCBA fabrication! They not only offer me high-quality product, but most important, they give me helpful suggestions with my design steps,” states Mohammed Khalifa, from Singapore.

For more information about RayMing, visit https://www.raypcb.com/.

About the Company

Established in 2005, RауMing Tесhnоlоgу is a wоrld-lеаding PCB Manufacturing аnd Aѕѕеmblу company offering double-sided аnd multilауеr PCB. Specializing in high-ԛuаlitу PCB Fаbriсаtiоn, Assembly and Cоmроnеntѕ Sourcing services, the company also provides services in some high-end boards, such as Rоgеrѕ PCB, Teflon PCB, high-frequency сirсuit boards, HDI boards, Aluminum boards, аnd Flexible-Rigid PCB.

With a firm commitment to integrity, honesty and fairness along with exceptional customer service, RayMing Technology has become one of the most recognized and respected leaders in the industry.

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