Top Maintenance Tips for Used/Old Cars

It’s like a treat when your car doesn’t demand to be visited the mechanic often. This will keep you calm and satisfied that your car is a long term driving partner of yours and you don’t bother to sell your car in Dubai to find a new one. If the car is treated well it will surely stay with you longer than a regular car that tolerates the rough use. In the past two decades, the formation of cars has also refined. To keep your car with you for a longer period of time, note down the tips below and maintain your old car far better than the new one.

Makers Maintenance Tips 

When you buy a new car, you get a manual of the car and it must contain the maintenance tips to keep your car fresh and beneficial for a more extended period of time. The common tips may include:

  • Take care of the liquids to be filled on the appropriate levels.
  • Change the oil regularly.
  • Replace coolant and the spark plugs.
  • Keep an eye on the brake oil.
  • Keep the pressure of the tires at the recommended level.

The other important recommendations will also be available on the user manual of your car. Keep a check on all these instructions. If you want to sell any car Dubai, you should handover the user manual of the car to the buyer as well.

Change the Engine Timing Belt 

The crankshaft is connected to the camshaft with this timing belt. It is engaged in the working of the engine. It is recommended for you to change the timing belt after the car has covered the 100,000 miles. There are two types of engines available in different types of cars, i.e. interference engine and the non-interference engine. Change the belt accordingly. If you keep a check on the belt, it will help stay your car longer with you and you won’t sell any car in Dubai.

Don’t Engage Your Mechanic 

Some maintenance tips for the car even allow you to do it yourself and you don’t have to take your car to the workshop for the repair. The things you can do for yourself are as below:

  • You can change the wipers of the screen of they are damaged.
  • One can maintain the proper inflation of the tires by oneself.
  • Keep a check on the pressure of the spare tire kept in the trunk of the car.
  • Regularly check the lights of the car.
  • Clean the car from inside and outside properly and use the spray of the fragrance and the shiner to keep the outer body looks impressive.

Use High Octane fuel Once In A While 

To tell you an estimated time, you should use the high octane gas or the fuel once in a year to keep your engine clean. It also keeps the catalytic converter and the pistons clean and you don’t have to replace them as they are costly and though to e replaced. In this way, the car works more efficiently and yo won’t ven thing to sell any car for being old.

Fix the Scratches On the Body 

If your car got scratches or any dents on the outer body of the car, you need to fit them and take them for the repairing and the denting painting before the rust catches it and the body bears the damage. The scratches can be applied by any car hitting users or maybe the kids playing in the street may rub anything in your car. So, if you notice any of the scratches anywhere, repair them asap.

Instead of thinking to sell your car in Dubai and to buy a new one, you just have to take an extra car of your used car and you won’t have to sell it due to the maintenance issues. You can have your savings for the other important things in your life and you are not going to ditch you if you keep it maintained by following the tip above. The car is obviously an important property and you won’t let it go by thing to sell any car to avoid the repair. Keep your car with you for decades.


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