Vehicle maintenance and its effects on car insurance premium

Purchasing a vehicle is an enormous investment, and it is with no doubt that one would want the car to last for long. Simple ignorance, however, can run you into great problems. One of the major setbacks that you may encounter if you fail to maintain your car is an increase in your car’s insurance premiums. This article explores car maintenance and the impact it has on the vehicle’s insurance premiums.

Vehicles are rated based on two major factors; the risk of the car getting involved in an accident and the value of the vehicle.

As far as the risk is concerned, it has various effects on calculating auto premium rates. Usually, insurance companies consider accident statistics as this will majorly influence accident benefits insurance and the cost of your liability. One of the most important factors as far as accidents are concerned is your driving experience and record. For each part of your car insurance coverage, insurance companies utilize an intricate statistics system and their assessment structure to get the rates to offer. Although there also exist a variety of other factors that are considered in the calculation of insurance premiums. A car itself still plays a significant role in influencing the cost of insurance. Some of the key points worth noting down as far risk is concerned include;

  • How careful is your driving?
  • Your driving history.
  • Have you ever made a claim?
  • How often you service your car.
  • How well you maintain the car.

The value of the car is another essential factor when it comes to insurance premiums. The lesser value your vehicle has, the fewer the premiums that it will sustain, as the insurer will not be required to pay a huge amount out of any claim. With time a car’s value will depreciate, and each vehicle has its unique depreciation rate due to the influence that rate value has from one brand to another. Typically a high-end luxury car will ultimately have a high cost of insuring as in the event of an accident or loss, the cost of repairs and parts replacement can be very costly for the insurance company. This the associated premiums will be high.

The importance of maintaining a vehicle

Ensuring you have properly maintained your vehicle will translate to a long life, which means you save hugely. Each year you add to your vehicle’s life expectancy typically lessens the out-of-pocket expenses you make on insurance, taxes, and auto payments. If you take care of your car, you can make huge savings. Some of the essential things that can help maximize the performance and the value of your vehicle include regular washing of the car, quality car repairs, and regular car servicing. Always ensure that you keep a record of the full-service history in the logbook of your vehicle. This will play a significant role in lowering your car insurance premiums.

The effect that vehicle maintenance has on insurance rates.

1.   It may result in your car insurance charges increasing

When you fail to regularly maintain or service your car when needed, from an insurance company’s perspective, this increases the risks of breakdowns and accidents when you are driving. While an insurer is insuring the car, they typically check its condition. When the vehicle is not correctly maintained, insurers take it unsafe, resulting in being surcharged higher premium, or the insurer can be pardoned all of their financial obligations.

2.   You may lose your license, which will be a great loss

When you fail to maintain your vehicle, it can significantly affect its engine’s performance. By not frequently changing the oil, this can harm a car’s performance, including fuel consumption. With a smoking engine, the car performance will be downgraded, leading to the revocation of your driving license. When your license is canceled, this will affect your car’s insurance cost. To ensure you save on your insurance cost, always ensure your vehicle is frequently serviced.

3.   The frequency of driving.

When you drive your car regularly, your vehicle is more prone to breakdown, and you have to carry out maintenance if you are to drive safely. Some of the factors that insurance providers frequently ask include;

  • What’s your car’s mileage?
  • How frequently do you use your vehicle?
  • For what reasons do you drive?

When you regularly use your car without maintenance, this can cause accidents. You must thus ensure that you maintain it frequently; this will help you save greatly

In conclusion, while car maintenance is vital in lowering the insurance rates, you’ll pay for your car. It is essential that you also get the services of a reputable insurance company reviews sites such as can help you with car insurances reviews, which will be handy.


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