What are the Requirements for Car Rental Insurance in Norway?

In Norway, you need car rental insurance to rent a car in the country. The rental companies will not rent a vehicle to you if you fail to pay for insurance documents. Renting a car in Norway has become common, for not many people have a personal car, and from time to time may require to move around with a car.

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However, most of this car rental service will need you to present certain documents or meet some requirements before they offer you car rental insurance. These requirements include:

1.   Age verification

In Norway, you have to be at least 19 years before you apply for a driver’s license. Also, you will need to be of this age to be able to obtain car rental insurance. Anyone below this age cannot seek and get rental insurance in Norway.

2.   Drivers license

This is a requirement to show that you have passed all the necessary tests to certify you worthy of driving. A driver’s license must be presented to obtain the car rental insurance policies to drive in Norway. At least you must be fit to drive on the roads of Norway to be eligible for the insurance policy.

3.   The duration of the driver’s license

Now, it is essential to note that according to the law in the country, you must have held the driver’s license for at least a year. You will not be able to get car rental insurance if your license has not been in operation for this stipulated duration.

4.   Payment of young drivers surcharge

Another requirement for young drivers is that they will have to pay surcharges to obtain car rental insurance. These surcharges range from $23 to $27 for drivers between 19 to 24 years old. It is a compulsory fee that you will pay when you fall within this age grade.

5.   Restrictions on car rental insurance

While applying for your car rental insurance in Norway, you should be aware of the restrictions involved in these policies. These car rental insurance policies do not cover certain vehicles, and you must be mindful of these limitations. The insurance policy does not cover Luxury vehicles, 4x4s, and vans.

Also, the insurance policies are limited in the countries that they cover. You cannot travel with the rental insurance companies to certain countries which include Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, etc.) Albania, Bosnia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Turkey, and Ukraine. While some of the insurance may not include travelling outside the country.

The car rental insurance policy is needed for anyone who wants to use rented cars in Norway. As a tourist, you need to be aware of these policies to rent a car for your personal use in moving around and enjoying your holiday.

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