What Does a CARCHEX Warranty Cover?

Have you been inundated with spam calls informing you that your extended warranty is expiring soon? If that annoying experience made you wonder what an extended warranty is, and whether or not you need one, you wouldn’t be alone. CARCHEX is one of many companies that offer third-party extended warranty coverage. Here’s what you need to know about this company’s available plans.

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The cost of a CARCHEX plan depends on the level of coverage you select, the make, model and age of your car, and the deductible you choose. Like an insurance plan, a higher deductible means your plan will cost less, but you have to pay this deductible every time you use your coverage. According to CARCHEX, third-party extended warranties can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $1,000 or more. CARCHEX’s plans fall within this range, but you’ll have to get a quote to see what you can expect to pay based on your car and your desired level of coverage.

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As you read, and if you’re shopping for an aftermarket extended warranty, keep in mind that the “warranty” products offered by CARCHEX and similar companies aren’t true warranties like the manufacturer-backed warranty coverage that comes with a new or a certified pre-owned car. Instead, these services kick in after your manufacturer warranty has expired and cover the cost of mechanical problems. Or, as CARCHEX explains on its website, think of a third-party extended warranty as a vehicle service contract.

When your car needs a repair covered by your extended warranty plan, one of the 30,000 repair shops in CARCHEX’s network will make the repair and you’ll only have to pay your deductible.

Plan Length

CARCHEX offers five different plans with different levels of coverage that are designed to suit different needs. CARCHEX plans range from five to 10 years.

The CARCHEX Bronze plan is available for terms of up to five or six years. It’s the company’s most basic and cheapest plan, designed to provide coverage against major, common repairs, similar to a manufacturer’s powertrain warranty. These components include the engine, transmission and associated parts.

The Silver plan is available for up to six or seven years. It covers most of a car’s major systems, including electrical, fuel and HVAC systems, such as the fuel pump and fuel tank, starter and alternator and A/C compressor.

The Gold plan is available for up to five to 10 years and it’s designed for cars with more than 60,000 miles. This plan covers a car’s major systems and builds on the previously mentioned plans by adding coverage for steering and braking components in gas-powered cars and certain parts of hybrid cars and EVs.

Get Industry Leading Protection from Unexpected Repairs

Start with a free quote from CARCHEX.

The Platinum plan is available for up to five to 10 years and comes close to bumper-to-bumper coverage, though not quite. It includes everything in the previous plans as well as coverage for suspension, enhanced electrical and heating and cooling parts, such as the radiator, thermostat and water pump.

The Titanium plan is good for up to seven to 10 years, and provides bumper-to-bumper coverage that is similar to a car’s original factory warranty. CARCHEX says this is the most comprehensive plan available from the company.

Additional Benefits

Every CARCHEX plan includes reimbursement up to a specified dollar amount for a rental car while your car is repaired, and trip interruption reimbursement up to a specified dollar amount if you are more than 100 miles from home when your car breaks down. Furthermore, there’s 24/7 roadside assistance that includes emergency gas delivery, towing, battery jump and lockout assistance.

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A CARCHEX plan will not cover repairs necessary from collisions; repairs as the result of neglect, inclement weather or regular wear and tear; cosmetic repairs or vehicle modifications; repairs still covered by a manufacturer’s warranty; or wear items like brake pads, tires and wiper blades.

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