Will Parts Be Available as Needed for Electric Vehicle Repairs?

What do you do when you need a part for your gas-powered vehicle? Typically, you search for the necessary part if you’ll do the work yourself or take your vehicle to a mechanic to be repaired. Most parts for internal combustion vehicles are plentiful, with OEM and aftermarket items available. The same can’t be said of parts required for electric vehicle repairs.

Does the young, new, and developing EV market spell trouble for electric vehicle repairs?

Mechanic Checking an EV for electric vehicle repair needs
Mechanic Checking an EV | Wiki Commons

The movement away from gasoline-powered engines to EVs brings us powertrains requiring fewer parts. An electric powertrain only requires about 20 parts compared to 200 or more for traditional internal combustion powertrains. Shouldn’t fewer parts make it easier to have spares on hand?


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